Online Design Ltd.

Maureen Josef founded the company in 1997 to realise her ambition to assist people in achieving their style goals and to work with the leading fast fashion retailers. Together with the Online Design Ltd. team members, she has been very successful in meeting this demand. Today we export well over 3 million pieces of tailored outerwear (coats and coordinates) to our clients in Europe.

We combine development, sourcing, and production in Online Design Ltd. leveraging our in-house design team, our fabric sourcing team, our quality management team and our factory network that is being accredited by SGS ensuring production according to the quality standards of our clients.

Our offices/showrooms are based in Hong Kong (China), Shanghai (China), Tangier (Morocco) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) with over 980 square meters of office and showroom space.

The team consists out of a mix of local and international professional designers, garment technicians and quality team members with extensive experience in the garment tailoring field.